Concrete Repair Products

The following products are use to repair concrete admixtures or waterproof concrete.

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BluRez CSW

BluRez CSW is a two component catalysed polyurethane liquid which requires only mixing with BluRez CSW-X to form a high foaming very fast setting water reactive injection resin.

BluRez CSW is designed for stopping water seepage, consolidating loose rock formations, grouting for ground seepage, grouting in running water, sealing construction pits, embankments, dams, underpinning foundations, sealing structural cracks, retaining walls etc.

Epimax 225

Epimax 225 Construction Grade Epoxy Binder is a low viscosity, high strength epoxy system which adheres tenaciously to all forms of prepared concrete surfaces.
It can be easily extended on site with suitable aggregates to provide different application characteristics and greater economy.


Two component solvent free epoxy adhesive for construction joints and for monolithic sealing of cracks in screeds


FlexKrete is a revolutionary fast-set concrete repair material with superior adhesion that retains flexibility unlike anything else available. Setting 3 – 4 times harder than concrete & with fast setting properties, FlexKrete repairs can be back in service within one hour of application.

Mapefer 1K

One component corrosion-inhibiting cement mortar for the protection of reinforcing rods

Mapegrout T40

Medium strength (40 Mpa), fibre reinforced, thixotropic grout for repairing concrete.

Mapegrout T60

One component sulphate-resistant, fibre reinforced thixotropic grout for the repair of concrete


Single component, normal setting cementitious mortar for smoothing concrete and cement-based renders

Planitop 210

Water-repellent, cementitious skimming mortar with a fine,
natural finish for concrete

Tam Pump

Tam Drill Pump is a light weight and handy electrically operated pump used for high pressure chemical grouting.

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